Apps for your POS

Wouldn't it be great if you could easily add functionality at the point of sale with apps for your POS? That's what we've done with Tillee; creating an application environment where all that is necessary to get a feature is to request it.

Marketers need to be able to think on their feet and rapidly respond to market conditions. The delivery chain through POS channels struggles to deal with that reality, Tillee handles it with ease and minimizes innovation risk. Promotions can be tuned from day to day and features added in a matter of hours across a multitude of Windows POS types.

Tillee applications ​can be characterized into several main groups:

Loyalty services and promotions

Gaming and traditional loyalty

Data collection and distribution

Sales journal and data forwarding

Operator Assistance

Product information alerts on scan

Customer Information

Advertising and notifications

​Traditionally these kinds of features have required changes.

In the past we've seen that loyalty programs have been hard for the smaller end of town to manage and little more than a discount borne by the retailer. At Tillee, we believe that a broader view where suppliers can participate directly in programs can provide vastly more compelling content and funding that slim margins can not allow. Bringing brands into these programs helps with program recognition ​and the use of co-operative marketing funds in a clearly accountable way encourages trust and deepens supplier relationships.

The portfolio of apps for your POS includes​:

  • ​Full featured loyalty integration for several providers (and the simple addition of others) including customer search and loyalty promotions
  • Electronic Receipts via text message or through 3rd party providers
  • Customer survey generation
  • Advertising and basket-driven promotions
  • ​Data collection including full journal data
  • ​Gift card support for 3rd party providers such as Vii and EPay
  • ​Phone top-up services
  • ​Voucher generation and redemption
  • ​Competition entry forms
  • ​Product alerts
  • ​Warranty data capture and transmission
  • Linked mobile games

The Tillee system provides many benefits:

  • Proven highly configurable platform
  • Low operational and deployment costs
  • ​Dynamic content
  • ​Rapid execution without IT project risk
  • A simple API if the POS needs to interact with Tillee directly (such as checking for discounts before finalising a sale)