Playing the Brain Game

Neuromarketing and the Science of Buzz

Research has shown that the key to engagement is variable rewards.  Nir Eyal notes that "the heart of the desire engine is a powerful cognitive quirk" called "a variable schedule of rewards". Eyal is the author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products" which is an investigation of what it takes to make a truly compelling product.

According to Nyal, the four elements that need to be present are need, a simple action, a variable reward, and an investment (think action rather than finance for that). Combining these traits we see big trends in retail like social buying, iconified by Groupon in their heyday, or the gaming of Pokemon Go; the act of scouring the web for coupons of interest or wandering the streets in search of electronic animals fulfils a kind of primitive hunter-gatherer need. 

David Lewis, MD Author of "The Brain Sell"

When people are busy playing, they are far more likely to be in the mood for buying.

In "The Brain Sell", Dr David Lewis goes further and describes how even the act of searching for specially discounted specials in a warehouse had people reporting that they felt "more alive" than they had ever been before. Besides, Lewis says, "When people are busy playing they are far more likely to be in a mood for buying".

In New Zealand, food retailing group Foodstuffs had a big hit with their "Little Shop" campaign. Like the Pokemon phenomena, this targeted people collecting things. But the brilliant aspect for the retailer was the suppliers represented by product miniatures footed the bill for the program and more. Normally loyalty initiatives are a hit to the cash flow, but this one worked out spectacularly well.

At Tillee we see a huge opportunity for retailers to collaborate with manufacturers so that retailers get compelling programs with good economics, suppliers and manufacturers have a voice to their customers, and consumers have a more entertaining and engaging experience than they have now.

With Tillee mobile gaming apps you can bring the excitement of real rewards and anchor it with great brands. Depending on local regulatory requirements we can provide gaming options or support your other promotional activities.

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