Data Services

When a retail group grows by acquisition or has a dynamic membership that is not obligated to have any particular POS software then co-ordinating POS services across the group is a difficult proposition.

If a manufacturer is wanting to provide services to many groups of retailers then the problem compounds further.

​Tillee provides a mechanism where data from many stores can be directed to a common database so that store activity from many previously unconnected sites can be combined for financial reasons, stock control or for analytics.

Case Study : Book Store Transaction Journal

A multi-national book seller had multiple POS systems in use by franchisees. Some connected to the head office system but many did not.

The Tillee system was used to provide journalling services where all transactions were directed to a common database. A secondary database was used to drive data the other way, providing spot prizes to loyalty members as part of an award winning program.

Eventually the stores updated to a common connected POS system and the journalling was no longer required. Disabling this was also a trivial exercise.