A major application of Tillee is driving customer loyalty programs. While many POS systems come with a built-in loyalty capability they tend to be store centric and difficult to connect with wider coalition programs.

​On the POS we normally have a a small floating pop-up that sits unobtrusively on the screen. Scanning operations are monitored so that when a loyalty card is scanned it automatically fills in with customer details. Other functions are accessed by clicking the buttons.

Membership and other information is then printed on the receipt. The rules for promotion elements can optionally be linked to loyalty system responses.

The Tillee system has proven itself repeatedly in connecting programs across groups of disparate POS systems where it can unify and connect many different POS types at very low cost. If you've already got a server to connect, talk to us about how we can connect it for you. If you need a loyalty provider, we can recommend several we've already integrated with.

Case Study : Australian Pharmacy

One Australian pharmacy client has members utilising 20 different POS systems. Initially this group paid two POS vendors 5 and 6 figure sums to implement their branded loyalty program. Their alternative data strategy involved mobile terminals.

But there were problems. The terminals were expensive, required double data entry and were failure prone. One of their native POS integrations frequently lost loyalty transactions. None of the systems had a great interface, nor did they offer much in the way of promotion capability.

The Tillee system featured an unobtrusive and branded pop-up that provided loyalty information discretely on screen and offered access to promotion features, like bonus points for young mums. The system also featured a larger 'nag' screen that encouraged staff to ask for loyalty cards or search for a member if they had no card with them. On the receipt we added loyalty information such as points earned and rewards available.

Unsurprisingly the old terminals were quickly and enthusiastically disposed of. Also ditched were the expensive native integrations in favour of the friendly Tillee interface. Since this highly successful project many other pharmacy groups have followed suit.

You can see the system in action in this training video produced for Australian pharmacy group Amcal.