It Really Shouldn't Be This Hard, Right?

42% [of] Retail respondents face challenges uniting their internal marketing & IT departments ... The IT department may be focused on the software and hardware costs, implementation and maintenance, while the marketing department’s focus leans toward user experience across channels, messaging, marketing and overall company strategies.

Building the IT infrastructure to support the demands of marketing is not a simple process even when the same systems are used throughout an organisation. Even being able to simply swipe a card and earn points requires strategies to deal with service outages and graceful recovery.

For a POS to be a meaningful marketing platform it also means being a content management across multiple devices, for both curation and distribution. It's also likely that it has to fit the head office / back office / POS hierachy which means software support needs to be propagated through all the layers.

That's a lot of pain to go through for marketing initiatives that might not work or be quickly altered. There is no incremental option, you must be fully committed from day one, and it's going to be months of work to get to the launch date.

Tillee is here to help ease that pain. Skip the Big IT Project step. We're a drop-in solution to help you out for as long as you need us doing whatever you need.